Oahu Mountain Bike Ohana


In order for us to maintain and build trails, hold fun events, and show land managers we are a user group that deserves consideration on Oahu we need 3 things:

1) Members – with more members we show the land managers how many riders we represent that reside on Oahu. Part of your annual membership dues goes to support us locally and part goes to the parent organization. See below to donate where 100% of your donation stays on Oahu. JOIN TODAY AND CONSIDER GIVING A BIT MORE!

Join and become an OMTBO member today: OMTBO Membership

2) Volunteers – You ride trails, trails need work. We ask for a few hours a year of your time to build and maintain trails. We also need political, admin, and leadership support. If you don’t have time to be a board member please consider getting involved on one of the many sub-committees that are working on projects on every corner of the island. We track all of your volunteer hours and report them to the land managers. This builds us political clout and support of the outdoor community since we are doing our part as a user group.

Standing Subcommittees:
-Kailua area trail system
-Hawaii Kai bike park
-South shore/Town trails
-North Shore trails

3) Donate Funds – We are a non-profit organization which means you have tax advantages for donating money to the chapter. (You will receive a receipt to give your tax person) This is where you stand behind your organization and donate annually. We are an all volunteer organization which means that every penny you give goes for one of the following:

-Tools for doing trail work on trails
-Matching funds with state money that allows us to build new trails
-Bringing trail experts to the island to educate us about how to run an organization, build sustainable trails, and grow our political presence to get more trails.
(Contact a board member to learn how to purchase and donate tools, signs, etc.)

Donate directly to OMTBO (100% stays on Oahu)

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We promise to use your time and dollars efficiently to get more trails and bring more riders into the sport, which makes it better for everyone.