Oahu Mountain Bike Ohana

Howzit Dirt Riders,

Thanks to all the volunteers who came out to Pupukea Paumalu last Sunday, and today, a ton (literally) of dirt work got done.

There is a lot of fresh dirt work on Party Line. Because of the dry conditions, the dirt was not able to be compacted properly. Even with the 30 gallons of water that we hauled up there, there are some berms that are literally just powder. If you ride them in their current condition you will destroy them. In about 20 seconds you could destroy about 50 man-hours of labor. We need at least one or two good rain saturations to allow the dirt to settle in properly. In addition, because of the powder dirt, if you tried to ride it your wheels would wash out and you’d probably end up face planting and eating some dirt!

We are asking that you please avoid Party Line for at least a few days, and hopefully a few good rain showers, so the dirt can firm up. All the other trails are in excellent shape so you’ve got practically unlimited options.

Mahalo for your kokua! See you on the trails!

Dirt Riders Of Pupukea Paumalu