Oahu Mountain Bike Ohana

As announced previously, and at the OMTBO Annual Meeting on June 2, 2016, OMTBO is seeking Board Member nominations for Board elections. You may be nominate anyone, including yourself, and do not need to be a member. We ask that you send an email with: 1. Full Name of nominee, 2. Phone number, 3. Email address to nominations@omtbo.org by June 9th, 2016. After that date, the nomination committee will contact nominees to ensure they are interested, if interested, nominees will be asked to become a member if not already, and if desired may submit a written statement up to page in length detailing any skills, history, or interests that the nomination committee should be aware of.

OMTBO Board Member Needs

  • Fundraising coordinator – background in sales or non-profit fundraising. Familiar with strategy and timing for appeals to support annual fund, trail fund, general fund.
  • Trail Crew leader – Background in Leadership, trail building, passion for the perfect trail and safety. Likes to organize and oversee trail work events.
  • Events coordinator – Organize small team to promote and market events. Ride n Grind fun rides, poker ride, Mountain bike skills events, Take a kid mountain biking event.
  • Sponsorship coordinator – Background and many contacts in the local outdoor/cycling industry. Will work closely with events coordinator.
  • Bike skills educator – Background in teaching mountain bike skills, bike ed. Willing to obtain training certification through IMBA. Likes to share the passion for Mountain Biking.
  • Political coordinator – Connected to local politics at the city/county and state level. Would be searching out funding and coordinating proposals with decision makers to promote mountain biking as both a viable outdoor sport and potential tourism draw. (May coordinate federal campaigns with IMBA)
  • Membership coordinator – Focused on maintaining and expanding membership levels. Great at outreach through email and social media campaigns. Listens to membership and reports to board what the community wants.

There may be more that are not on this list. If you see a need, please work with us to fill it. This is your organization. Be a part of it!

General outreach – We hope every member will take this to heart. This is an all volunteer organization that is focused on maintaining and opening new opportunities on Oahu for mountain biking. Be happy when you meet others on trails. Be positive when talking about other mountain bikers. Welcome new riders to the sport. Use courtesy when using trails, both on trails and at the trail head.