Oahu Mountain Bike Ohana

Ohana Trail Update

Thank you!
….for the positive feedback we have received on the construction of the Ohana trail. Every board member has been approached by someone in the community thanking them for the new trail and all the effort that has gone into it.

The Trail so far:
Good weather in the winter months and hard work made significant progress that saw about 80% of the trail completed. We had the privilege of working with some of the best trail builders in the industry. Unfortunately, their schedule did not allow them to finish. We are working hard to find someone who can complete the trail as soon as possible.

Trail work days:
Many thanks to the people that came out on their free time to put our new tools to use to help finish the trail. If you missed out, don’t fret, you’ll get to help out on the last section of trail. We will start up trail work days again once we are ready to complete building the last section. Please watch this page and our Facebook page for upcoming events.

How you can help:
1) Be supportive and ride the current trail.

2) Once the final phase of construction starts, don’t ride the new section of trail until it is officially open. You could be subject to fines from the DLNR, and riding unfinished trail damages it.

3) Join OmtbO! If you already joined thank you! Perhaps you can consider an annual gift to help us build more trail miles and tell your family and friends to do the same. More members show land managers that there is justification to legitimize using funds for trails.

4) Get involved! We have a great board, but like every organization we need new ideas, new viewpoints, and new passion. Please attend one of the board meetings to learn more about what we are working on. We would like to hold elections at the end of this year so the founding board can step back and see what the community wants to create with OmtbO and we need your voice to determine what that direction is. With a lot of hands we can pull a lot harder than we can with just a few ……It takes a village!

In Summary:
We are working on securing a builder to finish the trail. We will announce this just as soon as it happens.

Dave’s election to lead the Na Ala Hele Trail advisory council will be good for mountain biking and our relationship with the DLNR and the state of Hawaii. Forming strong relationships with all user groups will lead to better understanding of what trails are needed to satisfy all. This broad based collaborative council helps the state manage the lands we recreate on.

Please do not build other trails, especially ones connected with the Ohana trail. We ask you to respect our efforts to be a great user group by focusing on trails that we have permission to build. Anything else gives the State a bad impression of our organization and destroys the trust we are trying to create.

We hope this will help you better understand what is happening with the Ohana trail and thank you for your interest.

Mahalo for reading