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Invasive Clinic today postponed

Invasive Species Clinic postponed

Aloha All,
We are going to postpone the invasive species clinic for today. The rain gauges say that we got too much rain yesterday and last night to go out for a bike or a hike on the trails.
Mike is still going to do this clinic and we will plan it for when the IMBA trail builders arrive in a couple weeks. We’ll coordinate it with the volunteer orientation for those that want to work with the IMBA trail builders when they are building our new trail.

If you haven’t made other plans go check out the Winter Mountain Bike race series at Camp Timberline. They have all formats and all levels of racing today. And it’s much dryer on that part of the island!

David Nash
President – Oahu Mountain Bike Ohana

Trail Care Crew Weekend info

Trail Care Crew Weekend info

**SIGN UP HERE – we need to know if you’re coming


Aloha Fellow trail users,
Don’t forget this weekend is the Sustainable Trail Building weekend taught by the professionals from the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) and hosted by Oahu Mountain Bike Ohana (OmtbO) and the State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources.

On Saturday: Bring trail tools and work gloves if you have them
-9AM MORNING will be at Le Jardin Academy to see presentations about trail techniques and modern technology that goes into building trails that do not require constant work to upkeep. Come learn how to make water sheet off a trail and not run down it. Learn to armor a trail!

-NOON-FREE LUNCH SPONSORED BY OmtbO, your only non-profit mountain bike trail advocacy organization on Oahu. (Donations accepted)

-1PM AFTERNOON will be an on-trail clinic and work session in the Olomana area to put what you learned in the morning to

On Sunday: Bring work gloves and your bike
-1PM Meeting at Pohakupu park, Kailua. The invasive species ride will point out the natives versus the invasive species that we have on Oahu. Learn the best way to eradicate the problem plants and help the native species thrive along our public trail systems.

David Nash
President Oahu Mountain Bike Ohana

You still have a few days to make a tax deductible donation to OMTBO!

We are a non-profit organization 501(c)(3), which means you have tax advantages for donating money to the chapter. You can donate online via Paypal and will be immediately emailed a receipt for your tax records.

The Oahu Mountain Bike Ohana is an all volunteer organization, this means 100% of your donation stays on Oahu, and every penny goes toward:

  • Tools for doing trail work on trails
  • Matching funds with state money that allows us to build new trails
  • Bringing trail experts to the island to educate us about how to run an organization, build sustainable trails, and grow our political presence to get more trails.

Support us today at OMTBO.org

The Subaru-IMBA Trail Care Crew is coming to Oahu, Jan 24-25

Mark your calendars for two days of FREE trail building classes from the Subaru-IMBA Trail Care Crew!

The State of Hawaii Dept. of Land and Natural Resources, and the Oahu Mountain Bike Ohana will be hosting a visit from the IMBA Trail Care Crew to conduct a Trail Building School.


Saturday, January 24th

9am – 12noon – Classroom Instruction, Le Jardin Academy, Kailua, HI

12noon – 1pm – Lunch (provided)

1pm – 4pm – Trail work in the Olomana Trail System

Sunday, January 25th

1pm – 4pm – Native and Invasive plant species discussion and trail ride in the Olomana Trail System

More details to follow soon, registration for the event can be found here: IMBA TCC Visit, and more information on the IMBA Trail Building School can be found here: IMBA TCC