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From Dirt Riders Of Pupukea Paumalu

Howzit Dirt Riders,

Conditions have been great and hopefully you’ve all gotten to enjoy some great riding.

Just wanted to give everyone the heads up that they will be repaving Sunset Hills sometime this week. We don’t know the exact schedule, but be prepared for limited parking, or even no parking at all.

As always, it’s best if you can park away from the neighborhood and pedal in. As things may be hectic during the repaving process, please be extra conscious of the Sunset Hill residents and make sure that you don’t accidentally block someone’s driveway.

See you on the trails!

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Top 10 trail building mistakes

In case you want to see many of the worst mistakes you can make when trail building, here is a great article that IMBA has provided.

Unfortunately most of the old trail around Olomana fall into at least one of these categories and most into multiple categories.

Please check these out and then get a copy of their guide to building sweet single track, it’s a must have for anyone aspiring to build trails with us.

10 Trail Building Mistakes

IMBA Guide to sweet single track book


OmtbO board comings and goings

Additions to the OmtbO Board Announced

We are very excited to announce a couple of additions to our board effective immediately. For the last few months we have been a couple members short of having a full 11 member board. Fortunately we have a very responsive mountain bike community and those vacancies are now filled. Please welcome Travis Counsell and Robert Myint to the OmtbO board of directors.

New Members
Travis Counsell – Travis was added to the board a couple months ago and after some soul searching decided to accept the nomination to the vice chair position where he will contribute to programming and events for OmtbO. Travis is a vibrant addition to the board and is already a fixture in the cycling community through his work with Hawaii Bicycle League.

Robert Myint – Robert needs little introduction to the mountain biking community on Oahu. One of the fittest, fastest, and funnest riders on Oahu, he brings years of organizing our community into rides and events focused on fun and camaraderie. We are excited that despite his hectic flight schedule for Hawaiian Airlines he will be touching ground with us as often as possible to help lead OmtbO into the future.

Saying Farewell
Ethan Cumming – A hearty aloha goes out to Ethan for being a driving force on the founding board of OmtbO. His professional development has taken he and his wife Pepper from us back to the mainland. But his time as the Vice Chair of the founding board was very effective in getting the organization up and running. Aloha til next time!

Ohana Trail Update

Ohana Trail Update

Thank you!
….for the positive feedback we have received on the construction of the Ohana trail. Every board member has been approached by someone in the community thanking them for the new trail and all the effort that has gone into it.

The Trail so far:
Good weather in the winter months and hard work made significant progress that saw about 80% of the trail completed. We had the privilege of working with some of the best trail builders in the industry. Unfortunately, their schedule did not allow them to finish. We are working hard to find someone who can complete the trail as soon as possible.

Trail work days:
Many thanks to the people that came out on their free time to put our new tools to use to help finish the trail. If you missed out, don’t fret, you’ll get to help out on the last section of trail. We will start up trail work days again once we are ready to complete building the last section. Please watch this page and our Facebook page for upcoming events.

How you can help:
1) Be supportive and ride the current trail.

2) Once the final phase of construction starts, don’t ride the new section of trail until it is officially open. You could be subject to fines from the DLNR, and riding unfinished trail damages it.

3) Join OmtbO! If you already joined thank you! Perhaps you can consider an annual gift to help us build more trail miles and tell your family and friends to do the same. More members show land managers that there is justification to legitimize using funds for trails.

4) Get involved! We have a great board, but like every organization we need new ideas, new viewpoints, and new passion. Please attend one of the board meetings to learn more about what we are working on. We would like to hold elections at the end of this year so the founding board can step back and see what the community wants to create with OmtbO and we need your voice to determine what that direction is. With a lot of hands we can pull a lot harder than we can with just a few ……It takes a village!

In Summary:
We are working on securing a builder to finish the trail. We will announce this just as soon as it happens.

Dave’s election to lead the Na Ala Hele Trail advisory council will be good for mountain biking and our relationship with the DLNR and the state of Hawaii. Forming strong relationships with all user groups will lead to better understanding of what trails are needed to satisfy all. This broad based collaborative council helps the state manage the lands we recreate on.

Please do not build other trails, especially ones connected with the Ohana trail. We ask you to respect our efforts to be a great user group by focusing on trails that we have permission to build. Anything else gives the State a bad impression of our organization and destroys the trust we are trying to create.

We hope this will help you better understand what is happening with the Ohana trail and thank you for your interest.

Mahalo for reading

Pupukea Paumalu Update

Howzit Dirt Riders,

Thanks to all the volunteers who came out to Pupukea Paumalu last Sunday, and today, a ton (literally) of dirt work got done.

There is a lot of fresh dirt work on Party Line. Because of the dry conditions, the dirt was not able to be compacted properly. Even with the 30 gallons of water that we hauled up there, there are some berms that are literally just powder. If you ride them in their current condition you will destroy them. In about 20 seconds you could destroy about 50 man-hours of labor. We need at least one or two good rain saturations to allow the dirt to settle in properly. In addition, because of the powder dirt, if you tried to ride it your wheels would wash out and you’d probably end up face planting and eating some dirt!

We are asking that you please avoid Party Line for at least a few days, and hopefully a few good rain showers, so the dirt can firm up. All the other trails are in excellent shape so you’ve got practically unlimited options.

Mahalo for your kokua! See you on the trails!

Dirt Riders Of Pupukea Paumalu

Pupukea Paumalu Trail Work Day 2

On behalf of the North Shore Community Land Trust, we wanted to give a huge Mahalo to all who came out last Sunday and helped out with the Pupukea Paumalu trails. We had a great turn out, about 25 MTBers showed up and we got a huge amount of trail work done.

As you know, the trails don’t maintain themselves, so it’s fantastic to see so many MTBers come out and pitch in. There certainly is a great camaraderie amongst the Oahu MTBers.

We really accomplished a lot last Sunday, but there are still a few items that we didn’t complete. So for those of you who missed the festivities last week, and for those of you who just can’t get enough of it, we’re going to have another community volunteer trail work day this Sunday, May 24th.

Once again, we will be meeting at the Boy Scout Camp at the top of Pupukea Road. Meeting time is 8:30 AM.

We will have tools, but if you have any of your own tools feel free to bring them. We will be driving several vehicles into the property, down to Lilikoi Junction, so you won’t have to hand carry anything.

Local MTBer and OMTBO board member Kyle Paredes has generously donated some free admission passes to the Hi Fit Expo, available to any volunteers who come out and help this Sunday. The Hi Fit Expo is a two day trade show and expo incorporating interactive exercise demonstrations, fitness challenges, healthy food samples and vendor booths from the biggest and best health and fitness companies. This is going to be a very cool event an there will be lots of bike stuff at the Expo including MTB, road and BMX. The dates of the Hi Fit Expo are June 13, 10am to 8 pm, and June 13, 10am to 5pm. http://hifitexpo.com or https://www.facebook.com/hifitexpo

Hope to see you this Sunday morning, 8:30, at the Boy Scout Camp at the top of Pupukea Road!

Dirt Riders Of Pupukea Paumalu

The OMTBO Store is open for business

OMTBO Logo merchandise is now available for pre-order on the store at http://omtbo.org.store/
Please note that these are pre-order items for sale, payment is required immediately and all orders received by June 15th will be produced in the first batch and available in early July, 2015. You must order by June 15th for July delivery. If demand is sufficient, an order will be placed with the printer prior to June 15th and may arrive sooner than July.

Thank you for your support!

Trail Work Day at Pupukea Paumalu Trails

Howzit Dirt Riders,

Hope you have all been enjoying some excellent riding as the days are getting longer and the trail conditions have been great!

Many of you have inquired about volunteering for trail maintenance work. Here is your opportunity to give back to the Pupukea Paumalu Forrest Reserve (aka Sunset Hills).

The North Shore Community Land Trust is having a community volunteer work day on Sunday May 17th. We will be meeting at 9 AM at the Boy Scout Camp at the top of Pupukea Road. We will be doing maintenance work on the jeep road that drops in from the Boy Scout Camp, starting at the top of Barbed Wire Trail and working our way down the jeep road to Lilikoi Junction. We will be clearing downed trees and clearing overgrown areas to ensure emergency vehicles have access to the area in the case of an emergency. We’ll have some tools available, but please feel free to bring handsaws, loppers, rakes or any other tools that you think would be useful.

We really could use your help. Your participation will be greatly appreciated.

We are planning to working from 9am to 2pm. You are more than welcome to leave earlier, if you need.

Be sure to wear closed toed shoes, gloves and your smile, And don’t forget to bring plenty of water.

Remember, we are meeting at the Boy Scout Camp at the top of Pupukea Road. We are NOT meeting at the Sunset Hills trail head.

Please tell you friends.

We hope to see you there!


Dirt Riders Of Pupukea Paumalu

Find Trail Work Days on our Calendar

Check out our calendar tab above for future Trail Work Days, there are scheduled days on the calendar, and any new days will be posted there.

WHEN: Check the Calendar

WHAT: Trail building / grooming of new trails!

BRING: Bikes, Hiking Shoes, Water, Food, Gloves, Friends! Bring your own rake/shovel if you can. We have some extras if needed.

NOTE: You must check in when you arrive! If you haven’t signed a waiver, you can do so on the trail before working or print one out below and sign if you can! They are good for a year. Also if you haven’t used OMTBO trail tools before, you MUST receive safety and usage instructions from an OMTBO board member before using them! Let’s keep these days fun, safe, and rewarding!

RSVP with Luke – luke.hussey@omtbo.org or 808-779-4699

OMTBO Facebook Page

See You There!

Sign an OMTBO Trail Care Waiver! Click Here!